Synchronizing Time on Your Home Network

If you’ve got a home network, and you happen to have a server machine you should consider setting up one of your machines as an NTP server and synchronizing all you other machines to it.

Just do a quick Internet search on W32Time and NTP if you’re using a Windows server; that will give you information on how to setup the server to synchronize to a reliable time source (if you have a GPS receiver you could use that), how to make it synchronize every few hours (to keep the clock accurate), and how to make it broadcast time on your network and allow other machines to synchronize to it.

Then simply change you time server synchronization settings on all your other machines and appliances to synchronize to your time server.

The Windows time service is actually a very flexible and well thought out piece of software; though to change the setting to what you probably want you’ll have to use the registry editor (or course on a *nix machine you’d have to use an editor and understand some equally arcane syntax).

Originally posted 2008-07-25 19:30:03.