RAPTOR Loop Logic

RAPTOR is a flowchart interpreter, or flowchart-based programming environment by Terry Wilson, Martin C Carlisle, Jeff Humphries, and Jason Moore from the United States Air Force Academy (used there, the United States Military Academy, and a number of other educational institutions to teach an introductory course to computer programming concepts).

How good or bad the system is I’ll leave to you to decide.  One thing that annoys me (greatly) about the program is the loop logic construct — it’s backwards from any computer language I’ve ever seen, and while Dr Carlisle feels that it’s implemented in a fashion that makes it easiest for non-computer people to understand… many disagree.

The attached registry files will allow you to flip the logic (or flip it back to default). 

RAPTOR Flowchart Interpreter




Download raptor-loop-logic registry files (as a 7z file)

Download raptor-loop-logic registry files (as a Zip file)