Microsoft Streets & Trips – Map Update

You own a copy of Microsoft Streets & Trips and use it and would like to get updated maps without having to pay to upgrade to a new version?


Download the Microsoft Streets & Trips 2010 Trial Edition; install that in a Virtual Machine (or on a machine you’re going to reformat); then copy the Data folder from the 2010 installation to your Street & Trips installation (you might want to back up the files you have, just in case).

Now you have the newest map files Microsoft publishes for Street & Trips!

Remember, it won’t give you any of the new features of Streets & Trips 2010… just updated geo-data.

Is it legal?

Well, probably not – but then again ask yourself it it’s legal that Microsoft sold many people Streets & Trips 2008 to work on Vista and it doesn’t (if you use the operating system in the recommended manner) without elevating your priviledges to run it (which prevents you from accessing the network) and absolutely has refused to fix it.  I wonder what a judge would rule… no fix, no refund — hmm, maybe no license agreement.

Streets & Trips 2010 Trial Edition

Originally posted 2009-11-21 01:00:11.