Hyper-V Transition

I’ve started to make the conversion of my servers and virtualization hosts to Windows Server 2008, and with Windows Server 2008 comes Hyper-V.

While I believe there has to be a rather substantial update to Hyper-V, most of  the initial feedback is promising, and the performance is good.

Since I already have an investment in virtualization using Virtual Server 2005 R2 (x64) Hyper-V is the logical choice (though you could consider others — Virtual Box would be a free alternative).

Microsoft makes it possible for you to import Virtual PC or Virtual Server machines only if you purchase the Virtual Machine Manager; for those of us who don’t run a virtual data center that might be a bit much (I think it was available through my MSDN subscription, but I really didn’t want to install it).  For those who don’t mind a few manual steps you can use Matthijs ten Seldam’s Virtual Server to Hyper-V import tool – VMC2HV (I’ve included links at the bottom of the post to his BLOG as well as direct to his SkyDrive for download).

With VMC2HV you will have to manually remove Virtual Machine Additions from your old virtual machines, and manually start the process of HAL upgrade and Virtual Intergration Services Install on your Hyper-V machine, but it’s very straight forward and Hyper-V will actually give you info-tips to guide you along.

The tool is fairly straight forward to use, the only thing you need to remember is to have it swap SCSI0 with IDE0 (if you used SCSI drives on Virtual Server, remember that Hyper-V can only boot from IDE drive; hopefully that will change soon).

Originally posted 2009-01-30 01:00:22.