Google Mail IAF Creator

One of the big problems of using Outlook Express, Windows Mail, or Windows Live mail with Google Mail (or Google hosted Mail) is that the IMAP folder presentation for special folders isn’t what you probably want (or are accustom to).

It’s a straight forward fix to just save an IAF for the account and edit to correct the presentation of the special folders, but that might be a challenge for some, it’s error prone, and generally a pain in the butt.

Since I’ve been encouraging a fair number of clients, associates, and friends to consider using Google Mail or Google Hosted Email I decided to write a tool to create IAF files that were “correct”.

What I’ve implemented is a fairly simple PHP script that will take in your name (that’s what you want displayed), your [complete] email address, and your password — and I’ll prepare an IAF file that you can download, save, and then import into your Microsoft Windows mail reader (you should delete any identical account you might already have — and to be completely safe, export it to an IAF file so that you have it for recovery if necessary).

While you have no reason to trust me on this… I don’t keep your email address or your password (in fact they are deleted as soon as possible) — I’m not interested in SPAMming you or selling off your email — and I certainly could care less about most of the email I get… much less the email others get.

If you want the source code, I don’t have any issue with that — and I’ll consider posting an archive of the files (I use a library that’s freely available to do the IAF, it’s really just a PHP wrapper and an AJAX web page around that… but then again, it’s all one’s and zero’s if you want to get really technical.

IAF Creator