Desktop Backgrounds

I use a lot of virtual machines, and I often RDP to my servers to manage them; sometimes I’ll have several windows open at once and it becomes fairly easy to get a little confused as to what window is associated with which machine.

Long long ago (in a galaxy far far away) I started making desktop background images that contained the machine name and installing them on each machine.  That was a fair amount of work, and require configuration on each and every machine.

Then I found BgInfo (from SysInternals, now Microsoft), and that was a great solution — but it did still require a moderate amount of configuration on every machine…

So, I created an “installer” for BgInfo that puts all the files in the right places, and creates the startup link so as to almost completely automate the configuration (OK – you have to run a single command on each machine; but if you map to a share or put this on a thumb drive it’s really simple).

BgInfo (my installer; includes an older version of BgInfo)

BgInfo on Microsoft