comparitech – Security Guide

I received a contact from an individual who informed me of a broken link on my Products page, thank-you.

They also recommended I considered linking to a site on that page.  I didn’t really feel it was an appropriate link for my Products page, but I did think it fit nicely into my Sites page.

In particular he pointed out The jargon-free guide to computer and internet security and I felt it did a pretty descent job explaining security in terms most anyone should be able to understand.

Please keep in mind, that I don’t necessarily endorse of agree with all the site’s content, I only provide a link to it so that readers of my BLOG have available additional information which they may find interesting and useful.

Again, THANKS — I appreciate everyone who helps me make my BLOG better…


NOTE: The domain for the email linked back to this site, so I am aware that the request was not completely without a vested interest.