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Another milestone…

The Alexa Traffic Ranking for my site, world wide, is now 1,746,730 and in the US is now 655,754 (that’s current as of 6-Sep-2011, you can click the link to see what it is now).

Yeah, 1.7M is a big number, but considering how many sites there are on the internet my little corner of the world wide web is getting quite a bit of foot traffic, and I just wanted to thank all of those of you who’ve encouraged me to keep ranting and raving — and yes, I will get back to publishing more technical reviews.

I’ve got a fair number of pieces of software for Windows and OS-X I’ve  evaluated and a great deal of hardware I need to follow up on — plus my “new car” buying experience I want to share with everyone.

As always, you never know what you might find from day to day on my web log (BLOG), but you can be sure that it will be something that makes you think, or helps you out.

Also, keep in mind, you can always search my BLOG for past articles — there’s a growing number of helpful tid-bits on here (of course, search engines will find them for you as well).

You’re always free to make suggestions for articles — and I’m always happy to share how to get your own BLOG up and running with a minimum of hassle (and it can be done totally without any cost).

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