Let me open by saying THANKS for your support… by clicking the ads on my web pages and ordering services through the links you really help me pay the bills with respect to this website.

Yesterday, I added another ad network to my BLOG pages, — I’m really just taking them for a test run, and their positioning on the page is poor, so I doubt that they produce much revenue (Google Adsense almost produces enough to pay for hosting and registration fees; before domain registration fees when up almost 100% it used to produce slightly more than the cost).

I know ads are annoying, and rarely will anything of interest show up on the ads; but occasionally I guess people find something useful (I can’t say that I’ve never clicked on ads on other websites — it’s a violation of the terms of service for me to click on ads from my own site).

The two first ads are not produced by any advertising network: and; I recommend for economical hosting services (they have also proven to be very reliable) and for registration services (I can’t say that they are economical, but their prices do include free private registration, which prevents the hordes of unethical companies from harvesting your information from ICANN registration and sending you SPAM and postal mail).

If you’re looking for either domain hosting or domain registration I encourage us to use the ads to order the services — and yes, I do get a payment if you sign up for service, but they are the companies I used (I removed from the ads when I stopped using them — in good conscience I place an ad on my web page for a service I don’t use; and yes I probably don’t use the services Google and Chitika  advertise, but I am not directly promoting those (and the ads do indicate they are from an advertising network).

I am considering adding back the referral link; however, I never got a penny from (even though I know that several people purchased through the link) because arbitrarily decides who they will pay for the referral… but since the insane holiday season is approaching, it’s possible that I might actually see a few dollars from