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Originally posted 2010-09-13 02:00:13.


I’ve disabled the plug-in that provided the slide shows in my image gallery — this is the second time I’ve had problems with it.

I’ve been using NextGEN ImageFlow version 1.3.1 by ShabuShabu Webdesign.

I never really published any page that used the previous version of it — it was just too temperamental, and while I liked the effect it provided — I preferred my BLOG to work (that old function over form belief of mine).

When the new version came out I decided it worked well enough that I’d use it — even though when you clicked on an image in the slide show it did not open in a LightBox effect rather than a new page.

But I’ve also had some “odd” issues with administering my BLOG since enabling the NextGEN ImageFlow plug-in…

When I used the Dashboard – Updates menu item in WordPress I got “You are not allowed to call this page directly” rather than a summary screen showing me all the plug-ins and/or WordPress updates that needed to be installed.

It took me more than a little time to find this; there’s a huge number of posts on the web about this error in WordPress, and most all of them do a lot of hand-waving about it must be a plug-in that’s installed (WordPress doesn’t contain that text in any of it’s core)… so I grepped through the entirety of my WordPress installation (first I had to sync my local copy with what’s at my hosting facility) and I found the candidates.  After that it was a simple matter of disabling plug-ins one-by-one and seeing when the problem went away.

I’ll probably do a little more looking around for a better slide show plug-in; given my history with NextGEN ImageFlow I just don’t think I will ever feel comfortable enough with it to use it again.