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nextbook 7S 7″ Tablet

BigLots has the nextbook 7S 7″ Tablet running Android 4.o (Ice Cream Sandwitch – ICS) on special this weekend for $89.99 (regularly $99.99, and only $72.00 if you have a Rewards 20% off coupon).

The tablet has a 7″ resistive screen with 800×400 resolution, a 1GB Rockchip 2918 ARM Cortex A-8 processor, 512MB RAM, 4GB of flash, and an SD slot.  And while ICS is loaded, there’s no Google Play Store (you can resolve that with a hacked ROM — see FreakTab.com), but the one thing you will not be able to “fix” is the resistive screen.

While it’s a good resistive screen, and it supports multi-point touch — it requires way too much pressure to be comfortable to use.

One other thing I noticed, was when I tried to stream music (using Amazon) the tablet lost it’s internet connection — my Xoom on the other side of the desk had no issues playing the exact same song; and while I did eventually get the nextbook to play streaming music, the tablet was very sluggish while doing so (my songs are encoded at 320kps), plus I was unimpressed with the quality of the speaker (there is a headphone jack on it).

Also, the tablet (like most budget ones) lacks both Bluetooth and GPS.

The last (minor) thing I noted was that there were some issues with rendering along the notification area, I don’t think nextbook got everything resized quite right for this 7″ model (text would be cut off or overlapping an icon).  Like I said, very minor — but I’m not sure it’d be high on their list to fix since they just came out with a capacitive version of this tablet (and the resistive version hasn’t been out that long).

My advice, hold out for the slew of multi-core Android 4.0 tablets that will hit the streets this Summer at a price about twice what this one sells for — those will be from “bigger” companies that are likely to support them for longer.  Though if you just can’t afford more for a tablet, this is probably one of your best choices (plus the hacker community has already taken to this tablet).

nextbook 7S

nextbook 7S

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Tablet Wars

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…

Not really — and it doesn’t have much impact without a score playing — but, that doesn’t take away from the fact that the Apple iPad appears to have sparked an all out battle for control of the tablet market.

A number of “new” tablets (and tablet prototypes) are being shown, some with a price tag as low as $199!!!

Maybe the competitors won’t be quite as “slick” as Apple’s iPad, but they’re all guaranteed to be more powerful, more affordable, and more open.

Freescale 7′ Tablet $199


EAFT Magic Tile and Compal Tablets

ICD Tegra 2 Tablet

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Several weeks ago I purchased a Motorola Xoom (WiFi only model), I’d looked at the Acer, the Asus, the Samsung, and read up on the Thrive — I decided that the Xoom was the best candidate of the available Android/Honeycomb tablets available now.

I’m happy with my purchase, and it’s amazing how quickly a “gadget” can find its way into your everyday life.

I will write a lengthy review of the Xoom to let you know everything I like about it, and the things I really don’t think are that great… plus I’ll write a post on my rooting adventure (after all, it’s Android, why wouldn’t you root it).

Let me just close with it’s a great tool, and if you’re willing to carry something like that with you it gives you incredible access to books, news, entertainment, information…

I do expect that prices for 10″ tablets will continue to come down… but I’d definitely recommend you only consider a dual-core (or better) tablet.

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eStation Zeen

We know from FCC filings by Hewlett-Packard that they will be releasing a tablet device called the eStation Zeen, and a printer called the eStation Zeus.

HP announced their PDAs will move from Windows to WebOS (a mobile OS they acquired from Palm earlier this year)… and now they’re moving tablets from Windows to Android.  Though, they’ve committed to continue offering Windows on enterprise class devices.

HP might have given Steve Balmer a Windows tablet to showcase to take thunder from the iPad; but my suspicion is that HP is committed to nothing but profits.

Anyway, I’m sure we’ll see what HP has in store; or should I say in stores… soon.

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Polaroid PMID702c 7″ Android 4.0/ICS Tablet

I received the sale paper (like other Buzz Club members) early Saturday morning, and it had what looked like an interesting tablet.  I did some internet searches and read up on it and it seemed like it was well worth trying out — it appeared to be a much better buy than the Nextbook 7P S (resistive screen) 7″ table BigLots had on sale a couple weeks ago (that I tried on of, but quickly returned — and didn’t bother to write a review).

So I bought one of the tablets to play with at the sale price of $89.99 (normally $99.99) — it worked very well, I had no issue loading up Google Market and Google Apps (all of them aren’t working perfectly — but I think with a little effort that can be resolved)… so I picked up four of them this morning (all black — they had white ones but I figured that got dirty too easily) and four of the case/screen protectors at 20% off (I used a Buzz Club reward certificate I had) — $72.00 + $8.00 + $5.20 (6.5%) sales tax — so $85.20 for the tablet and “starter kit”.

The tablet has a capacitive screen, front facing camera only (like the Vizio VTAB1008s I have), uses a mini-USB for data and charging (in fact, I’m using one of my smart phone power adapters to charge it — it comes with a USB cable + charger as well), single core 1GHz processor running Android 4.0 ICS… and like the Nextbook they didn’t want to pay the Google licensing fee so it wasn’t much of an Android experience out of the box.  Unlike the Nextbook, it’s capacitive (not resistive — yes I already said that I’m just making sure you get the point), so the screen works with modest pressure, and the tablet comes rooted (which means you can install anything on it — not that it couldn’t be fairly easily rooted).

This tablet doesn’t have GPS or Bluetooth (those parts would have cost a couple dollars), nor does it have a rear facing camera (yes, I said already said it only has a front facing camera).

No problem with the SanDisk 32GB (Class 4) uSD card I put in it — worked just fine.  Though there’s no cover on the uSD card slot, it’s slightly recessed so there shouldn’t be much risk of the card being accidently ejected.

The tablet actually had a link for Amazon market — and all the Amazon apps work perfectly.

I installed the Google Market (and framework) plus got YouTube, Maps, Gmail, Calendar, Books, Drive/Docs, Music working — Talk and Chrome are having problems (so I’ll have to figure that out — though Chrome should be getting an update soon, so that might resolve itself).

Unfortunately, there’s no Clockwork Recovery for this tablet (yet) — of course there’s no custom ROMs for this tablet yet either.

Interestingly enough, this tablet didn’t have any issue with playing streaming music (like the Nextbook did). Though it only has a single speaker, so unless you put in head phone (which it has a standard 3.5mm  jack on the side with the uSD card slot mini-USB port, volume controls, and power button — and worked perfectly) it’s not really practical for music.  And a 7″ tablet is a little big to carry with you as an MP3 player — particularly when it doesn’t have Bluetooth so you can keep it in your bag).

The tablet isn’t a speed demon, but the screen is much more responsive than the Nextbook so it feels faster; and the 7″ size is very easy to hold in one hand.

I’m going to probably keep two of these to play with — I have some projects and I specifically wanted a low end tablet (though I really wanted on with a rear camera; but I can survive without it) and I have 30 days to return these.

I think the reason that BigLots has these is that the PMID703c was just released not long ago (Target had those in stock — but their web site indicates they are sold out at the moment)… pretty much identical specs — and the hardware in these are actually used on a fairly wide range of tablets (from what I’ve read the Allwinner A-10 uses the same hardware as do others) — I think the difference in the two models is the PMID703c shipped with ICS/4.0; the PMID702c was actually upgraded to ICS/4.0… so there was probably confusion in the channel about what people were getting causing lots of returns).

Anyway, I’ll do another posting with HOW-TOs about installing GAPPs and any tricks I figure out… but the bottom line, if you’re looking for a low end 7″ tablet, this is a good buy; but remember, there should be much better performing tablets out in a few months with dual core (or perhaps quad core) processors competing with the Kindle Fire in price (the Google tablet should be out soon).


Several people on the forums have had an issue figuring out how to get into recovery — I think the way you do it just hold down the “home” button when you power on the device (or use the reset button).

PMID702c User Guide (PDF) The same as the PMID703c user guide.

Product Features:

7″ Capacitive, multi-touch display
Connect to the internet wirelessly (Wi-Fi)
Web browsing & e-mail
Watch videos
Wirelessly download apps and eBooks
Supports games
Store and play music, videos and pictures
Built-in speaker
4GB internal memory
Micro SD card slot (for additional memory)
Video out jack
Rechargeable Li-ion battery


Operating System: Android™ 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich)
Processor: 1GHz ARM Cortex A8
Graphics Accelerator: OpenGL ES 2.0 (3D game support)
Screen Resolution 800 x 480 (16:9)
Internal Memory: 4GB
External Memory: Micro SD
Networking: Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n
Battery: Rechargeable Li-ion Polymer

Package Includes:

7″ Internet Tablet
USB Cable
AC Charger
User Manual
SKU: 810010443