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Computer Tid Bits; Windows XP Service Pack 3

The release of Windows XP Server Pack 3 is now available to download from Microsoft.  This service pack is mostly a collection of updates that have been released since service pack 2.

Depending on your settings for automatic update, Windows may already be trying to download and install this update.

I recomment you download the IT installer if you have more than one computer or if you have virtual machines using Windows XP.

You can also slip-stream an install image to contains service pack 3 (it actually takes less time to slip stream it into an install image and install from that than install from service pack 2 and update).  If you need assistance slip-streaming, checkout nLiteOS — it’s a very easy to use tool (one important note, you can only slip-stream a 64-bit OS from a 64-bit OS).

Windows XP SP3

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Windows XP Service Pack 3

For your convenience, here is a direct link to Windows XP Service Pack 3

Windows XP Service Pack 3

Remember, Windows XP x64 (64-bit edition) is derived from Server 2003; which is a different code line than Windows XP.

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Windows 7 – Service Pack 1

Beware the ides of March!

No, you really don’t have to with respect to Windows 7 Service Pack 1…

This service pack has been available for a couple weeks now; and there have been no major reports of issues with it; but there are some things you probably want to know.

The first thing is the service pack is huge; so if you are going to install it on more than one computer, consider downloading either the x86, x64, or combined install set.

The second thing is you should make sure you have performed updates… some of them seem to be required for the service pack to install (yes — that seems to breaks with the past, but I have had more than one machine fail to install the service pack when several updates had not yet been applied).

The third thing is you should allocate time; the service pack is huge, and it takes a very long to to install (even if you have downloaded it)… particularly on slow machines.

I haven’t really noticed any significant changes except the preview window now seems to be enabled on the right sidebar of file explorer windows (so now you have a menu ont he top, a tree navigation pane on the left, an information window on the bottom, and a preview window on the right.  You can configure all of that to be the way you want.

I also had some initial issues making network connections to a Linux server (via SMB), but that seemed to right itself with an additional reboot.

I haven’t found anything that’s broken; now have I found anything that’s fixed — all the annoying parts of Windows 7 (including the price tag for those who upgraded to Vista) are still present… so while I encourage you to keep your Windows machines fully patched, and your security software up to date; you’re probably not going to feel particularly rewarded for the time you will invest in this.

Also, applying service pack 1 works via the upgrade system — so if you’re just doing a single machine (or one 64 bit and one 32 bit) you can probably make your life easier and just let the Microsoft magic happen — you will have to approve the installation of service pack 1 (I’m sure at some point in the future it will become required rather than recommended).

Downloading requires validation; and applying it will likely remove any hack you might have to get around activation — so if you’re not “genuine” don’t even thing about it (and maybe you should consider shelling out a little cash for a legitimate license).

One final note; this service pack also applies to Windows Server 2008.

Windows 7 Service Pack 1

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Windows Vista Service Pack 1

For your convenience, here are direct links to Windows Vista Service Pack 1

Windows Vista Service Pack 1 64 bit

Windows Vista Service Pack 1 32 bit

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