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Riddle me this…

You go to the grocery store to purchase a food item and the price is clearly marked.

You go to a car dealership and purchase a vehicle and the price is marked, and you agree ahead of time to what you will pay.

You buy a house and again your agree upfront how much it will cost.

You have a contractor build you a house and they provide an estimate of how much it will cost, and get your approval ahead of time for any changes to the cost.

So why when you go to the doctor, clinic, or hospital are you given absolutely no idea what it will cost?

And to make it worse, have you ever called your insurance company and ask them to tell you how much they will pay for any given procedure or test?  They will refuse, and tell you that you have to have your doctor file for a pre-authorization.

I can certainly tell you why health care in this country is such a mess — the whole system is designed to prevent a patient from having any control over his health care and specifically his health care costs.

For me I’ve decided that anything a doctor orders will need to get a pre-authorization or will need to have a (signed) statement by the attending physician that a delay in treatment would likely negatively impact my health (or be life threatening)… If my insurance won’t pay for the procedure, then either the medical provider is trying to charge too much, or there’s not a compelling reason to do it.

While insurance companies and doctors have setup nice legal barriers to litigation, I think it’s time “we the people” force the issue that medical providers and insurance companies make us part of the system, and respect our choices by providing us enough information up front to make care decisions…

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Michele Bachmann – an ideological loony tune

Rep Michele Bachmann (R-Minn) made a statement on CNN’s “The Situation Room” (hosted by Wolf Blitzer) that’s being reported by virtually every news outlet today.

She’s saying she lost her health care coverage (because of Obamacare — but she didn’t provide any hard reason) and refuses to use the exchange because it’s glitchy — but here’s the interesting thing: she states in her argument that it’s the DC exchange (that’s not the same thing as HealthCare.gov — the national exchange for states that didn’t want to invest in their own exchange — DC actually operates it’s own exchange).

If you watch the video (linked below), you’ll also notice she’s obviously reading from a teleprompter — her eyes are fixed on something other than the hosts she’s talking to.

The best quote:

I’m not gonna waste an hour on that thing.
· Michelle Bachmann

That’s fine with me; she can just pay the IRS fines for not complying with the new law (the law that the Supreme Court has already ruled is constitutional) and continue to be a burden on society (something she appears to be very good at).

While I’ll be one of the first to rant on how botched the roll out of the national health care exchange has been; I’ll also quickly point out that states had the option of coming up with their own exchanges, and the ones that did aren’t having anywhere near the number of issues.  I personally didn’t care for the health care reform, my feeling was that we needed to implement a single payer system much more like what Canada has (but that didn’t happen because health care dollars line the pockets of too many senators and representatives).

I’ll be honest, I think Michele Bachmann is crazy (and probably should be in a padded room), but this is just absolutely ridiculous — get over it, and vent on your insurance company, they’re the real villains in all this.

Bachmann: I lost health insurance

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Health Insurer’s “Gift” For College Grads

United HealthCare announce this week that it would be voluntarily implementing one of the requirements of the new health care law early.

That is the requirement that allows young adults who are no longer full-time students to remain on their parents policies until they are 26.  [All insurance companies will have to comply with this requirement by September 1, United HealthCare is implementing it on June 1]

WOW… how generous.

Statistically the healthiest group of American’s will be offered insurance… a group that will most likely be [mostly] unemployed because of the economy [thus not having corporate health care coverage] — seems a little self serving to me; after all, they aren’t giving the insurance away.

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Obamacare Tech Fix

Obmacare - Dilbert

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Riddle me this…

OK, so someone needs to explain this to me, since UC Hasting refused to accept me as a part time law student I just don’t have what it takes to figure it out on my own.

In June the Supreme Court ruled on the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare)…

Part of the ruling; the so called “individual mandate” was upheld by the court as a “tax”.

Part of the ruling indicated that the Federal Government could not force the states to expand Medicaid (so that clause was stricken).

The lack of Medicaid expansion in some states creates an insurance “gap” where “financially challenged” individuals and families will have to pay for insurance (the Federal income tax credit won’t completely pay for insurance, and certainly not in all states since insurance rates vary widely from state to state).

So riddle me this… how can the Supreme Court basically create a tax that isn’t level across all individuals in the same economic bracket across the country???  Doesn’t that by definition violate the equal protection clause of the constitution (Fourth Amendment)?

I mean come on now… isn’t it a fundamental precept that federal taxes are supposed to be uniform with no regard to what state you live in?

Someone with a degree in constitutional law is going to have to explain it to me in terms that a lay person can understand — or maybe someone is going to have to explain the constitution to the Robert’s court… it just seems like they may have been too busy walking a political tight-rope to refresh themselves on constitutional law.

Washington beyond ridiculous

There’s a funny interview with Senator Ted Cruz (Republican Texas) on CNN in which he calls for Kathleen Sebelius to resign because what he says her failure with the “Obamacare” health care exchange is causing the American people great harm; and he pontificates that that would be unconscionable for any official to do.

Excuse the #`(% out of me… but isn’t that just what he and his cronies did in the Senate and House for over two weeks???  Cause the American people great harm by not doing the job that the American people elected them to do???

While we all expect that people like Cruz depend on the American people having a short memory of their failures, but he really thinks that the average American is so dim-witted that they can’t remember the government shutdown that he was a major cause of four days later???

It’s really sad to think he ever got elected — and what’s even sadder is he probably will be re-elected because those in his district are so blinded by their hatred of a single issue that they will not look at the record and realize that people like Cruz aren’t moving this country forward, they’re helping to destroy it.

Now don’t get me wrong… I think the HealthCare.gov is a f’ing failure (and the individual mandate should probably be delayed because of the government’s failure to deliver a reasonably functional health care insurance exchange by 1-Oct-2013), but it’s exactly what everyone should have expected to come out of Washington.  It’s far more an example of what’s wrong with Washington than what’s wrong with the Obama administration (though there’s lots wrong with the Obama administration to be sure).

 People like Cruz just need to take a long hard look in the mirror to see where the problem startes… and the best possible thing everyone can do is vote the incumbents out — none of them have any clue how to get this country back on track.

CNN: Obama to address health care website glitches

How to force an Obamacare delay…

It seems to me if the Tea Party wants to force a delay of the individual mandate of Obamacare (Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act) that the simple way to do it would be to return to the courts on the grounds that the government has not complied with the statute by implementing an operational health care exchange by the established deadline of 1 October 2013.

Any reasonable person can clearly see that the exchange operating today (ten days after the exchange was supposed to be operating) simply does not provide the services it was required to provide on the first day.

I personally have tried every day to register on the exchange, and today I called the service center (since it appeared to have created an account for me, but didn’t allow me to log in — I had fewer issues when it just told me it wasn’t available, but when one wastes half an hour to be told the site was having a problem, that’s another story).

Clearly under USC the laws cannot create a paradox; and that is exactly what has been done — simply put, you can’t require someone sign up for insurance through an exchange that simply doesn’t work (and wasn’t available on the specified day).

Of course, perhaps the Tea Party doesn’t want to take this tact — it doesn’t provide nearly as much publicity as shutting down the government.