• Built and ran an ISP business supporting an e-commerce partnership as well as third party businesses.

  • Designed and developed a multicast based content distribution system optimized for satellite network data delivery, using C++.

  • Designed, implemented, and debugged numerous systems, using C, C++, C#, javaScript, and PHP.

  • Developed a light-weight Windows virtualization system, using C++.

  • Developed and implemented a media on demand transcoder for handheld and mobile devices, using C++.

  • Developed and marketed Netware, OS/2, Windows, and *nix based software using C, C++, C#, and PHP.

  • Developed browser extensions for testing and automation, using javaScript and C.

  • Developed data interchange software for financial services using C# and VB.

  • Developed data processing and modeling software for financial services using C#.

  • Developed device drivers for FreeBSD (network and disk), using C.

  • Developed device drivers for Linux (multimedia), using C++.

  • Developed device drivers for Windows (network, multimedia, and printing; 64 and 32 bit), using C++.

  • Developed para-virtualized device drivers for Windows, Linux, OS-X (network), using C++.

  • Developed license management and copy protections systems, using x86 assembly language.

  • Developed multi-media servers and clients, using C++.

  • Developed SSL tunnel/proxy for web based application, using C++.

  • Developed VSAT transport protocols, using C.

  • Developed business system back end processing for e-commerce using PHP.

  • Developed data feed software for e-commerce using PHP, C++, and C#.

  • Re-architected and optimized a digital advertising media delivery system, using C++.

  • Re-architected and optimized a virtual switch / router / gateway used for network virtualization (in a virtual machine environment) using C++.

  • Re-architected and optimized financial services back end processing applications in an n-tier server environment using C++ and C#.


Proficent with:

C, C++, C#, javaScript, PHP, Java and numerous assembly languages on most Windows and *nix operating systems.

development tools (Eclipse, NetBeans, Visual Studio) and frameworks (jQuery, Prototype, MooTools, Struts).

web technologies (HTML, XML, AJAX) on numerous servers platforms (Apache, Lighttp, IIS, Tom Cat, Glass Fish, Web Sphere).

database engines (MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle, Postgress, Sybase).