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Labor-less Day

Today is Labor Day in the US; though this year I think the name should be more aptly changed to Labor-less Day.

An ineffectual president, combined with his party of indecision, and the opposing party of no has managed to bungle the economy and stifle job creation; and now with the global economy on the skids it’s clear that American must re-invent itself if it.

Change, real change is needed.

Your elected officials are all part of the problem not part of the solution — so change can start there.

Keep in mind, since elected officials are elected by you — you to are start of the problem, so change can start with you.

We have to decide what the role of government is and re-shape it to fit that role.

Maybe government is too big, maybe it isn’t; but government has grown over the years to fill (perceived) needs.

The main issue is that government must “live” within it’s means; it has a limited budget, and must use the money obtained from fair and just taxes wisely.

When a system has as many flaws as the one in place now, it’s easy to criticize, but it seems very hard to come up with ways to improve it.

When a politician points out a flaw, the first question should be “how would you change it”, and I suspect most will not have a tenable solution for the ills, they only want to criticize and capitalize on the flaws, not contribute positively to any substantial change.

Personally the only idea I have to move forward is to clear the dead weight out — and I’ve said it now for several years “NO INCUMBENTS” — change starts with clearing out those who have brought us to were we are through their self-serving decisions.

Change starts with you!  Go to the ballot box and make your wants known.  Don’t just send a message — send the incumbents home.

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