A Political Message

Political commentary is a little out of place for my BLOG, and the most important message for this post is CHECK and DOUBLE-CHECK everything everyone says and make sure EVERYONE votes!


I’m not sure how much of this is “true” and how much of it is spin — obviously Rolling Stone Magazine isn’t in the Fox Network camp of supporting McCain, and certainly Tim Dickinson has very different political ideas than Barbara West; but the story is very interesting reading — and hopefully we’re all aware you can take “factoids” and make them say anything you want…

Do you homework, check every fact in multiple places before you believe it… odds are no one is telling you more than they want you to hear, and there’s almost always more to the story.

Regardless of your political views, and regardless of who you support in this election the most important thing you can do is vote and insure that every one else (regardless of their ideas) vote and that no one prevents them from voting or coerces their vote in any way.  Voting is what makes America free and great, and in this election we need to insure that the winner is clear and uncontested by having everyone cast their ballot.

Make-Believe Maverick (Rolling Stone Magazine, Tim Dickinson)

Loving John McCain (The Nation, Eric Alterman & George Zornick)




I was considering some links to Veteran sites (there’s actually several that support each of the candidates) and news media (but most of those are very biased).  The problem is there that so much of information that is spun it’s hard to sort the truth out.  I would suggest sticking with sites that try to provide information that is as un-biased as possible.  Keep in mind, if a “fact” seems unbelievable, maybe you shouldn’t be too quick to believe it.

I’ve decided to close this post with one of the most positive and well done political advertisements of memorable time.

Originally posted 2008-10-29 20:00:58.