How to force an Obamacare delay…

It seems to me if the Tea Party wants to force a delay of the individual mandate of Obamacare (Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act) that the simple way to do it would be to return to the courts on the grounds that the government has not complied with the statute by implementing an operational health care exchange by the established deadline of 1 October 2013.

Any reasonable person can clearly see that the exchange operating today (ten days after the exchange was supposed to be operating) simply does not provide the services it was required to provide on the first day.

I personally have tried every day to register on the exchange, and today I called the service center (since it appeared to have created an account for me, but didn’t allow me to log in — I had fewer issues when it just told me it wasn’t available, but when one wastes half an hour to be told the site was having a problem, that’s another story).

Clearly under USC the laws cannot create a paradox; and that is exactly what has been done — simply put, you can’t require someone sign up for insurance through an exchange that simply doesn’t work (and wasn’t available on the specified day).

Of course, perhaps the Tea Party doesn’t want to take this tact — it doesn’t provide nearly as much publicity as shutting down the government.