I was diagnosed on 30-Nov-2020 with COVID-19 (a POSITIVE PCR test result)… and since that time I’ve been working remotely and struggling to function as near normally as possible.

While my symptoms were mild, I certainly will share with you that they didn’t go unnoticed. No temperature, but a dry (persistent) cough, runny nose, extreme fatigue, fluid retention (which may not have been due to COVID-19), and the inability to sleep soundly.

I can tell you that I’m certainly happy to see the worst of it in the rear view mirror — I got my second NEGATIVE PCR test result today (YEAH) — that and the expiry of my twenty day quarantine will allow me to return to the office.

There’s no way to know how long or what level of immunity I might have to the virus, but I will certainly redouble my efforts to keep a mask on my face, keep distance between me and others, and avoid any extraneous trips away from my home (which has had every surface sprayed and wiped) until after I’ve had two shots of the vaccine and time for them to have taken full effect.

There’s no question in my mind that a vaccine is by far a better choice than having another bout with this virus, and I encourage everyone to consider the science… ignore the hype and the publicity grabbing politicians.