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Body Wash v Bar Soap

I read an article a couple weeks ago about things that set Millennials / Gen-Z / Gen-Y apart from Boomers… and I found one item in particular interesting: body wash v bar soap.

So I did some reading, and while I cannot attest to the rigors of the scientific method on comparing them for effectiveness, cost, waste, etc there is one thing that stands out very clearly.

One thing that is indisputable is that body wash has a horrible impact on the environment.


Yep, thing about it from a number of different angles.

First, body wash contains water; water is heavy, and that item has to be shipped (probably not made and purchased right next door to your house). Bar soap by comparison does not contain (much) water, and is far lighter.

Second, body wash occupies a significantly greater volume than bar soap, thus you can ship fewer units in a standard shipping container (or truck).

Third, what happens to that plastic container that body wash comes in when it’s empty? Do you buy refills by the gallon (I’ve yet to see that for body wash — yes for hand soap [but no the higher end hand soap]).

Forth, many body washes contain “micro abrasives” — and those aren’t minerals or natural… While I couldn’t find anything conclusive, I have to wonder if these micro abrasives might be polymers which are contributing to microplastic pollution.

Let me close by saying, I consider most choices to be personal; and none of us are completely green (no matter how snub the Prius and Tesla drivers might try to pretend to be). Choose the hygiene products you’re comfortable with, but don’t criticize a group of people who choose otherwise (and display how disingenuous you are about caring about the environment at the same time).

OK BOOMER — you win this one, irrespective of what other’s might think, use bar soap if you want.

NOTE: OK, we’re comparing similar quality body wash and bar soap, don’t think of comparisons of dollar store bar soap with a luxury body wash (or vice versa). There are good quality products, for all purposes, available in both formats.