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My Alma Mater(s)

The post secondary schools I’ve attended are:

  • Georgia Institute of Technology
  • University of Florida
  • Stanford University (online)
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology (online)
  • City College of San Francisco
  • Pensacola State College
  • University of West Florida

I consider GaTech to be my Alma Mater… but I’m not an active alumni of any of the schools.

edu email

It really annoys me that I spent over four years at GaTech and don’t have an email address from them.  In fact, I used to take classes at City College of San Francisco in order to take advantage of educational discounts for software and such (eLearning at Stanford doesn’t provide email addresses to students unless they register for credit)… but when I went to get transcripts from the University of Florida I discovered that I’d had an email address from them because I’d taken four classes (I actually withdrew from two of them when I decided not to spend the entire Summer in Florida).  The University of Florida has decided to no longer offer these email addresses to former students (oh well).  Of course, I have an edu email from Pensacola State College (since I was a student there and do take a class occasionally so that I can access the fitness center), and I had an edu email from the University of West Florida as a student and then as a staff member (while I was there).