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Memorial for Isis and Data

The ashes of Isis Sobaka Soles, a Siberian Husky, and body of Mr Data, a Tabby, were laid to rest this morning.

Isis’s ashes where enturned in a small cedar chest, Mr Data’s body was wrapped in linen and enturned in a spruce box.

The graves are side by side as the two of them went through much of their lives.

Both were more than just good pets, they were life-long companions and have left a void in all the lives they’ve touched.

They are already missed, but will be long remembered.

We can only hope that they are in a better place.

In Memory of Mr Data

Born 2-Feb-1990

Died 8-Oct-2012

In Memory of Isis Sobaka Soles

Born 29-Jan-1986

Died 14-Dec-1999