My Name

My full name is: Lem Roger Soles; my father shares the same first name and it was shortened on his birth certificate from “Lemuel” (which is a name often given to the first born male prior to his birth within his family).

Lemuel is a Hebrew male name meaning “devoted, belonging to El” (the basic Hebrew name for God), and referenced twice in the Hebrew Bible (Torah) in Proverbs.

Proverbs  10-31 are call the Eshet Hayii (woman of valor) and is considered to describe an “ideal woman” or “woman or worth” (sometimes translated as “virtuous” or “valiant”) in Judaism.  Most prominent theologians still consider it to have been likely authored by King Solomon.

There is no further information in the text on who exactly Lemuel was, though there is speculation that it may have been Solomon referring to himself, to Hezekiah, to a king of Massa, or to an Arabian prince.

Proverbs 31:1
The sayings of King Lemuel–an inspired utterance his mother taught him.

Proverbs 31:4
It is not for kings, Lemuel– it is not for kings to drink wine, not for rulers to crave beer.

NOTE: These translations are from the New International Version.



Though, I often jest that NASA (National Aeronautic and Space Administration) leveraged my name for the Apollo moon lander — LEM (Lunar Excursion Module).  I have no real evidence to support that assertion, but I’m sure that’s why they have changed historical references to the lander as the LM (Lunar Module) so as to avoid any potential copyright or trademark issues. LOL