I’ve worked in the computer industry for a very long time (yes, I’ve used a key-punch and a teletype terminal), for some of the leading companies (alphabetically: AT&T, Microsoft, Oracle, Novell, vmware, etc) and I attended the Georgia Institute of Technology, University of Florida, Pensacola State College, University of West Florida, and I’ve taken classes from both Leland Stanford Junior University and the University of California at Berkeley (my complete résumé is available for qualified business prospects).

My forte’ is computer systems and communications (and I have several patents related to communications, one related to media, and one related to process control; plus I have my name on a number of papers and publications).  I’ve worked extensively in multimedia, content delivery, financial analysis, and performance optimization.

I’m certainly not the “sharpest tool in the shed” by any stretch of the imagination, but I certainly do seem to have the ability to understand complex issues and a fairly good instinct when I’m pushing the limits of my understanding.

When I was younger [and had plenty of free time] I used to contribute articles to a number of journals.  Life, though, keeps me fairly busy these days, and with the advent of the digital age it’s much easier to just publish my thoughts here on my own BLOG.

My hope is that though my BLOG I’ll be able to share a number of my experiences.

Remember, everything here is my personal opinion, I receive no money or special consideration for posting anything here.  Advertising on this site is currently supplied by Google AdSense, and the revenue from that doesn’t come close to paying the the hosting fees (but it has allowed me to learn a great deal about advertising networks in addition to search engine ranking).

As I always say…

Your mileage may vary.


For those of you interested…

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