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Homer Votes

ICC ID Format

If you’ve ever wondered about the format of the number on your SIM card (ICC ID), here it is:

The format of the ICCID is: MMCC IINN NNNN NNNN NN C x

MM= Constant (ISO 7812 Major Industry Identifier)
CC = Country Code
II= Issuer Identifier
N{12} = Account ID (“SIM number”)
C = Checksum calculated from the other 19 digits using the Luhn algorithm.
x= An extra 20th digit is returned by the ‘AT!ICCID?’ command, but it is not officially part of the ICCID.

I Voted

I voted (in person) this morning the first day of early vote. The SOE location had a very long line, but I went just down the street to the Auditorium location and there was absolutely no line…

I’m not sure why (in Florida) all the retirees seem to want to go to vote early in the morning when it’s most convenient for people who work — but fortunately they’re creatures of habit and apparently didn’t consider the alternate locations operating this year.

I firmly believe that it is every American’s civic duty to vote — who you vote for is for you to decide (though I always hope that everyone makes an informed decision).

Irrespective, it’s important that you vote — you have a say in the future of this county, and by not voting all you’re saying is that you don’t care.

Scooby dooby doo…

No you can't order them to investigate Joe and Hunter Biden...
where are you?

When the pendulum swings

When the pendulum swings too far in one direction, it will go back. Ruth Bader Ginsburg 2017
We’ll have to wait and see…

Maybe I’m Immune

Joe Biden delivers remarks from Gettysburg calling on Americans to come together

Trumps Taxes

Paid More Taxes Than Trump
In the US, probably not in China.

Handmaid’s Tale

RGB Handmaid's Tale
A dark past, little future.

Jane, get me off this crazy thing…

Supreme Court Flip Flop
The rules are never cast in stone…