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Tobacco v Alcohol

Every year tobacco kills more Americans than did World War II — more than AIDS, cocaine, heroin, alcohol, vehicular accidents, homicide and suicide combined.
· George Will; June 18th, 2009 Washington Post op-ed


Eddie Bauer Outlet

I took my sister over to the Eddie Bauer Outlet store in Foley Alabama today, and I have to say I may have well encountered the single worst sales / customer service person in the world — I’ll omit his name (whoops — I guess I won’t omit his gender).

Unenthusiastic, unhelpful, and down right rude.

I just left the items I’d gathered to purchase at the register and walked out the door.

I realize it’s an outlet store — but in the past Eddie Bauer has always had very good (possibly exceptional service); makes me regret pointing out an error in my transaction to the manager the last time I was there and costing myself an extra $20… certainly this bad experience doesn’t engender honestly in me.

Fuel Rewards Network

A great way to save a little money when purchasing gasoline is to sign up for the Fuel Rewards Network… you’ll get at least $0.03 off per gallon at participating gas stations, and you can get more discounts just buy taking advantage of their partners (grocery stores, promotions, etc)… and you need to spend an extra penny to get the savings and you can still use your credit card to get cash back at the pump!

If you use the following link to join FRN, I’ll get a small bonus: