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2013 Flu Shot

This Flu-Shot coupon made the cost of a flu shot at Target only $5.00, plus it counts towards pharmacy rewards.  So if you’re like me and your insurance no longer pays for flu shots this is a great way to make it affordable.

 The coupon can be used at other pharmacies, and their prices may be higher or lower — you can check on that, but $5.00 was low enough I didn’t care to wait.

Remember, the sooner you get your flu shot the sooner it takes effect.


2013 Flu Shot Discount Coupon (pdf)

Autumnal Equinox 2013

September 22 2013 20:44 GMT


Several years ago when I had a Motorola KRZR I went on the hunt for synchronization software for my phone and PC.  I had gotten a copy of Motorola Phone Tools with one of the two phones (I purchased them off Craigslist).

And I actually tried SyncCell with my HTC TouchPro; it worked fine, but it didn’t copy images in contacts.

BIDCOM Technologies offers a free trial version of SyncCell, and if you have a cell phone that you can’t get to synchronize with your Windows PC, it might be worth trying out — it’s very simple to setup, and very simple to use.

And the purchase price of $24.95 includes free updates and support — though, if you’re on a tight budget, remember you may be able to use software that came with Windows; and remember that most online services will incur data charges (unlikely you’re budget constrained if you have an unlimited data plan).