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Automating Clean Manager in Windows

Using clean manager on older versions of Windows (in particular) always requires setting the options, which isn’t hard, but makes it a little hard to automate as part of a larger process of cleaning up your drive.

I made my life a little easier to run clean manager by writing a batch file (and registry file) that you can downloads (in a 7z archive) via cleanup_disk.7z

Early Vote

Early vote started yesterday, and I expected there would be long lines so I waited until this after.  In fact I just got back.

The workers confirmed there were long lines yesterday — today I just walked right in, got the ballet, voted, and scanned it into the reader… no wait, no hassle (of course, I’m a white male in one of the least ethnically diverse counties in Florida… so the tightened voting restrictions really aren’t designed to hassle me).

My job is done, and once again I voted mostly against candidates and issues — it’s sad, but you need to base a reasonable decision on something — and I’ll consider it similar to the Hippocratic Oath (never do harm — or in this case, minimize the harm).

Regardless of your particular party affiliation, I believe everyone should exercise their right and contribute by making an informed vote.

Memorial for Isis and Data

The ashes of Isis Sobaka Soles, a Siberian Husky, and body of Mr Data, a Tabby, were laid to rest this morning.

Isis’s ashes where enturned in a small cedar chest, Mr Data’s body was wrapped in linen and enturned in a spruce box.

The graves are side by side as the two of them went through much of their lives.

Both were more than just good pets, they were life-long companions and have left a void in all the lives they’ve touched.

They are already missed, but will be long remembered.

We can only hope that they are in a better place.

In Memory of Mr Data

Born 2-Feb-1990

Died 8-Oct-2012