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Another religious lie…

There is no existing record of birth for Yeshua of Nazareth (know by most Christians today as Jesus Christ), but any biblical scholar can tell you that there is sufficient evidence in the gospels to believe that the date would have been in the Fall (not the Winter)… it’s generally believed that the current date was chosen to usurp pagan rituals.

Regardless, today the date seems to only have significance for retail sales, greed, and gluttony…

Obviously since the Christian myths are based on a number of inaccurate assertions we needed single out just this one — but hey it’s all faith, believe what you want — the Easter Bunny might be real (but Easter too is a date chosen to usurp pagan rituals).

The Christmas Myth

Null SMTP Server

For some time now I’ve wanted an efficient way to be able to send myself rich email without having to waste a lot of bandwidth; so I wrote what I call a “null” SMTP server.

It’s a dotNET application (written in C#) that sits in the System Tray and “talks” SMTP.

You point your mail client’s outbound SMTP to localhost (, it say “OK” to just about everything, and throws away the message (well — internally I have a logging method, but right now I don’t expose that)… doesn’t sound really useful does it?

How do I use it?

Easy; I setup an IMAP account that uses this as the send path, and the IMAP server as the receive path — Windows Mail (or Live Mail) will send the message (which throws it away basically) and then upload a copy to my “sent” folder.  I cut down on my bandwidth (and time) and still get a copy of the email I wanted.  In case you’re wondering, I use email to “record” lots of information (contents of web pages; to do list items; etc — since my IMAP server stores the messages in a format that Windows Desktop Search can index it makes it a snap for me to manage large amounts of information — and it by it’s very nature is shared… yes I could use OneNote, but previous to 2007 it’s clunky and it doesn’t share the information without a SharePoint server — and I already have an IMAP server, and already archive some of my email).

Here’s a link to the installer for it; I haven’t heavily tested either the installer or the applet — but I’m using it.

Null SMTP Server Installer

Remember to set your outbound SMTP connection to localhost (; you don’t want authentication or SSL / TLS (I don’t support them — and won’t).

Automating Clearing Windows Temp

I’ve never figured out why Windows and Windows applications don’t properly clear out the temporary directory, but they don’t and certainly a lot of “junk” can accumulate there.

I made my life a little easier clear the temp by writing a batch file that you can downloads (in a 7z archive) via cleanup_temp.7z

Remove Net Meeting

If you run an older version of Microsoft Windows (Windows XP or Windows Server 2003 for instance) and you don’t use Net Meeting, you can remove it by typing the following command (all on one line)

%SystemRoot%\System32\rundll32.exe setupapi,InstallHinfSection NetMtg.Remove 132 msnetmtg.inf

Or download a batch file (in a 7z archive) via remove_netmeeting.7z