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Virgin America

Virgin launched new domestic airline service in the United States a few months ago, and they’ve been steadily adding major routes to their schedule.

The economy and low passenger loading hasn’t exactly helped the airline out… but to encourage passengers to choose Virgin over the competition they have:

  • Slashed air fares between the major markets they serve.
  • Introduced a rewards program with very low mileage redemption levels.
  • Introduced a credit card through Barclay Bank, which you can actually get a free round trip right off the bat.

Service on Virgin should be better than most domestic carriers; certainly that’s part of Virgin’s model, and the fact that they are a new carrier to the US domestic market means they’ll put their best face forward.

The fare discounts are limited time; you have your reservations by today (purchase by 01-Feb-2009, for travel between 29-Jan-2009 and 31-Mar-2009).  I wouldn’t panic to make plans, I think we might see more deep discount air fares from Virgin and other carriers.


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