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Dancing with a man

I saw her sittin’ in a barroom
In that smokey atmosphere
She smiled back at me
As I drank down one last beer
She pulled me on the dance floor
We danced a song or two
It was then I realized that I
Bit off more than I could chew

I think I’m dancing with a man
She’s got calluses on her hand
She’s got a voice like Johnny Cash
And she hiding a mustache
I think I’m dancing with a man

We sit down and talked a while
And we listened to the band
[ Find more Lyrics on http://mp3lyrics.org/H27i ] And a friend of mine walked by
And he asked her if she’d dance
Then he gently took her hand
And he twirled her round and round
It looked like he was havin’ fun
Until her skirt fell to the ground

I think he’s dancing with a man
The boys at the lodge won’t understand
As they two-stepped ‘cross the floor
I quickly headed for the door
I think he’s dancing with a man

Good Lord we’re dancing with a man
It’ll be known throughout the land
Two boys from Texas danced a jig
With a dude who wore a wig
We’ve been dancing with a man

She crushed a beer can on her head
Good Lord her forehead’s red
We’ve been dancing with a damn big man
· Rodney Carrington