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A new day, a new year…

At least a new year by the Western calendar.

I’m going to continue the “habit” I started last year of posting a quote first thing every day on my BLOG, but this year I’m going to expand that by posting longer quotes.

I’m going to start the year off with a few religious pieces from the distant past — after all, if there is any truth in religion, it’s far more likely to be found in teaching that are several thousand years old, rather than those that have been perverted for political and social gains.

I want to underscore that I do not support or endorse any religion; and I hold organized religions responsible for most all the ills that face mankind today.

These posts are intended to educate, enlighten, and broaden the understandings individuals have of their spiritual past and give them a better foundation on which to go forward.

Where available, I will try and reference the original (ie not translated piece) and I will include the name of the translator — since none of the major religious works were written in any dialect of English.  Simply put, if you’re not well versed in languages of antiquity, you are not a scholar of any religion, and you do not have sufficient religious background to argue any religious belief or intent (that category includes me; I’m posting the works of others, and laughing at the religious bigotry and intolerance that abounds from those who haven’t a clue about the religion they generally claim to follow).

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My sun sets to raise again.
· Elizabeth Barrett Browning