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Halloween is celebrated each year on 31 October and it is an amalgamation of many different holidays, rituals, and superstitions.

The date was choosen because it straddles the line of Fall and Winter; or as some may put it, life and death.

The Celts would light bonfires and wear costume to ward off roaming ghosts on Samhain.

The Romans celebrated with food and drink at the festival of Feralia.

The Catholics observed Hallowmas, the period from All Saints’ Day to All Souls’ Day, including All Hallows Eve.

In the later 19th century Halloween began to lose it’s religions connotations and became more of a secular community-based holiday focused primarily at children.

The days might be getting shorter, and the nights colder – but many children look forward to “Trick or Treat” whether it’s door-to-door or an organized event.


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