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Fascism is not defined by the number of its victims, but by the way it kills them.

· Jean-Paul Sartre


Evil is the product of the ability of humans to make abstract that which is concrete.

· Jean-Paul Sartre


Being is. Being is in-itself. Being is what it is.

· Jean-Paul Sartre

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Ah! yes, I know: those who see me rarely trust my word: I must look too intelligent to keep it.

· Jean-Paul Sartre

A lost battle

A lost battle is a battle one thinks one has lost.

· Jean-Paul Sartre


Hateful to me as are the gates of hell, Is he who, hiding one thing in his heart, Utters another.

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Hateful to me as the gates of Hades is that man who hides one thing in his heart and speaks another.

· Homer


It is easy to go down into Hell; night and day, the gates of dark Death stand wide; but to climb back again, to retrace one’s steps to the upper air – there’s the rub, the task.

· Virgil

Grove and Gates

Grove giveth and Gates taketh away.

· Bob Metcalfe


Bill Gates wants people to think he’s Edison, when he’s really Rockefeller. Referring to Gates as the smartest man in America isn’t right… wealth isn’t the same thing as intelligence.

· Larry Ellison


Bill Gates is a very rich man today… and do you want to know why? The answer is one word: versions.

· Dave Barry