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Verbal Contracts

Verbal contracts aren’t worth the paper they’re printed on.

· Samuel Goldwyn

Secure what?

We  really haven’t done everything we could to protect our customers. Our products just aren’t engineered for security.

· Brian Valentine – Senior Vice President for Windows Development, Microsoft Corporation

Mardi Gras

Mardis Gras was early and cold this year (I got a cold at the festivities leading up to the big event, so I’m staying in where it’s warm today and tonight)…

Mardis Gras is loosely French for “Fat Tuesday” — the day what the rest of the world refers to as Carnival (starting Twelfth Night [Jan 6]/Epiphany) ends on.  Traditionally before Lent (which starts on Ash Wednesday, the day after Mardis Gras) the faithful would consume all the items that they were forbade from eating during Lent that would spoil before the end of Lent… which precipitated into a festival of sorts.

Mardis Gras is set by the same solar / lunar event that sets Easter (the first full moon after the Spring equinox — Easter is the first Sunday after that, and you simply count backwards seven Wednesdays for the start of Lent, and Mardi Gras).

Mardis Gras (and Carnival) have become unabashed celebrations with little connection to their religious roots (certainly we don’t miss a chance to commercialize a holiday).

There’s a wealth of information on Mardis Gras on the Internet, as well as live cam feeds to let you feel like you’re part of the debauchery.

From the City that Care Forgot… pass a good time!