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Show me your papers!

How many times have we heard that phrase spoken in old movies depicting fascist authorities in some foreign land attempting to squash the freedoms the people enjoy.

Wait… it’s not a foreign land any longer — just look outside your window.

First the US Government needed to change the banking laws to collect more information on account holders to make us safe (yeah — why didn’t they put some regulations on the banks themselves to make us about one trillion dollars safer while they were at it).

Now the US Government has implemented gathering more information on individuals who fly so that they can better implement the so called “No Fly List”.

ASIDE:  Could someone explain to me how an individual is so dangerous they cannot be allowed to fly under any circumstances; but cannot be arrested.  Is that because to arrest them you need to worry about what few constitutional rights still seem to be left, but to deny them boarding on an airplane you seem to be able to use any arbitrary set of policies you might want from day to day?

Since 9/11 this county has rolled back personal freedoms — in my opinion the terrorists responsible for the attacks achieved far more than they could have ever hoped for… they didn’t just destroy building and kill innocent people — they’ve destroyed an entire way of life that took hundreds of years to build in the matter of a few months of clueless, scared politicians under the hands of a despotic, manipulative, dishonest administration.

Just like we American’s were so pre-occupied with revenge against those responsible for 9/11 that we blinked; now we’re so enranged with what those actions have done to out economy that we’re not taking a step back and realy looking at the root causes for these changed in American society.

Maybe we need to start fixing the economy by undoing all the damage to the American system that the Bush administration instrumented eight years ago.

Let’s repeal the “Patriot Act”, end wars we entered through manipulation and mis-information, and redirect the efforts of the Department of Homeland Security to insure the FREEDOM of every American before the Gestapo comes knocking on your door.