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Free Zone Alarm

→ Tuesday 18-Nov-2008 ONLY ←

I’m not a Zone Alarm fan, but if you are you might want to take advantage of getting a free copy of Zone Alarm; CheckPoint / ZoneAlarm does require a “valid” email address to send the registration key to (and subscribe you to their marketing information) so I suggest creating a “throw-away” address to give them (you can use GMail, Yahoo, Live/MSN, or your own domain).

Personally I think you’re better off to stick with a good antivirus (like avast!) and the Vista / XP built in firewall (more software you don’t really need = more problems you don’t really want).

→ Tuesday 18-Nov-2008 ONLY ←

UPDATE: ZoneAlarm delivered a download link and a key… a little more than 24-hours after signing up for it.