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Auction Bidding

I’m not a huge fan of eBay (and certainly not a fan of PayPal); I consider them just another big company that does what they want with as much disregard for the law and consumers as possible.

That said, if you’re a savvy consumer you can get some good deals on eBay (and other auction sites).

As a buyer, one of the best ways to maximize your benefit (and minimize the price you pay) is to use a sniping tool (that’s a tool that places your bid at the very last moment).

Two reasonable tools are:

JBidwatcher, a totally free Java application that runs on your PC (there’s a new version in beta, stick with the older version until there’s a release); and

AuctionStealer.com, a for pay (but gives you some free credits) server based solution.

You can even use the two together.

JBidwatcher is really easy to use; just search items out on eBay, put them on your watch list, and then sync them to JBidwatcher — then use JBidwatcher to snipe your bids in.  It really does a great job managing all the items you’re watching, buying, won, etc.  It’s very big on function, a little light on form.  You will have leave you computer on, but if you have a machine that stays on all the time, it’s the perfect place to build a Virtual Machine that runs JBidwatcher.

AuctionStealer you have to log into their web sit and then enter the item number against your free or paid for credits.

There are a few other sniping tools you can use… I didn’t care for any of them (and most of them were really crap).