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Discover Open Roads Credit Card

Discover has the “Open Roads” card that gives you 5% cash back on gasoline and automobile maintenance charges.  There is a catch, you only get 5% on the first $100 per month, and after that you don’t get very much cash back at all.

The card still makes sense for gasoline purchases since as long as you’re careful to use it for the first $100 in qualifying expenses per month and then pocket it until your next billing cycle.

The rewards are paid by crediting to your Discover account, check, or electronic deposit in $20 increments (so every four months if you maximize your benefits); or you can elect to “double” your rewards by selecting gift cards — which makes sense if you’re going to be something from one of the retailers anyway.

The application process is quick and simple (like most credit card companies, they don’t really want you to tell them anything, they get it all from the credit reporting agencies).