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Microsoft Live Cashback Search

So Microsoft has introduced a new product search feature on live to compete with PriceGrabber, PriceWatch, etc… they call it Cashback.

And the reason they call it Cashback is because they pay you a small amount as a “rebate” when you purchase some items through the service.

Check it out; obviously the engine with the lowest price (overall) wins.

Live Cashback


The Box

If you think in the box you see only six faces; and if you think outside the box you see only six faces (though from the other side) — it’s those who don’t limit their vision to the box that are unhindered, regardless of whether they are inside or outside of it….


From my perspective, what box?

Taquerias In San Francisco

When in the Mission and looking for some tasty Mexican food, try these:

  • Pancho Villa, (415) 864-8840, 3071 16th (one other location in San Mateo)
  • El Faro, (415) 647-2716, 2399 Folsom (two other locations in SF)
  • La Taqueria, (415) 285-7117, 2889 Mission
  • El Farolito, (415) 377-5500, 4817 Mission

 Also, for fun, read up on the history of the San Francisco Burrito.

Microsoft Office Accounting 2008

Microsoft has been in the small business accounting for quite some time; originally they expanded Money to have capabilities they hoped would attract small business into the empire, but that didn’t really go very far.  Then they acquired two separate companies… the later of which (Great Plains) was successful before Microsoft acquired them and has continues as “Microsoft Dynamics” into the new millennium.

The Great Plains derived software was a little too serious for small businesses, so Microsoft was still left without much of an entry in that market.

So leveraging off the “Office” branding they created a line of small business software that built on existing technology.

Microsoft Office Accounting 2008 (the current version) is available in both a Professional, and an Express version.  If you’re looking to manage a really small business, don’t need multi users, don’t need your database on a separate machine… then the Express (FREE) version may well be all you need.  However at a street price of less than $80 (full version) and competitive upgrade programs available, the Professional version is attractively priced, so even if you just want to be able to store your data in a massive SQL Server running on the other side of the world, and run the client software in a virtual machine — it’s not going to break the bank.

I haven’t looked at the Professional version, but the Express version comes with some pretty low-rent templates for all your forms; the good news is you use Word to customize them, and it’s fairly straight forward if you’ve ever done mail-merge (or anything involving macros and/or fields) to reproduce the invoice from your previous accounting software (or improve on it).

Microsoft Office Accounting

Fry’s Sale: 2008-05-16

2008-05–16 San Jose Mercury News


  • #4924331 Seagate 750GB SATA $109.99
  • #5539950 Intel Q9450 $279.99 (2.66GHz, 1333MHz FSB, 45nm, Quad, 12MB L2)
  • #5470279 Intel Q6600 + MB $179.99
  • #5556880 Sandisk 2GB SD
  • #5375608 Crucial DDR2 PC6400 2x1GB $49.99 – $30MIR = $19.99
  • #5308288 eVGA 7200GS 256MB PCIe $50 – $50MIR = FREE

Page 3

  • 5433089 Jabra BT2040 $10.99 – $8MIR = 2.99

Page 6

  • #4951801 Motorola H605 Bluetooth $19.99

Page 8

  • #4882780 Seagate 750GB PATA $99.99
  • #5357048 Antec NSK6580 $89.99 – $50 MIR $39.99
  • #5503990 Crucial DDR2 PC5300 2x2GB $79.99 – $30MIR = $49.99
  • #5503560 Crucial DDR2 PC6400 2x2GB $89.99 – $40MIR = $49.99

There are also a fair number of “free” items after rebate: Card Readers, PCI USB, etc; and some good prices on µSD-HC, Memory Sticks, etc.

Fry’s Sale Page