I’m Lem Roger Soles (aka Roger L Soles), and thanks for stopping by my little corner of the world wide web…

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  • my blog for my ranting and raving…You never know what you’ll find on my blog — technology, finance, shopping, politics, humor, wisdom, rants, raves… it’s a potpourri of information covering the gamut of my interests.  I try and post at least several times a week, and occasionally will post multiple times per day.If you’re looking for a particular class of information, use the category navigation; if you’re looking for a specific post, just search the blog.
  • my downloads page to see what widgets I’ve been working on…You never know what I might have decided to write. It it makes my life easier, I’ll write it, and I don’t mind sharing it.  I have lots of code I’ve written over the years (for myself that is, I certainly won’t be sharing code I’ve written as part of my employment).
    • USB Sync Utility - Well, not so much a utility as it is a batch file.  But what I’ve tried to do here is write a batch file that will locate a USB drive in the system and backup files to it. You will need “robocopy” from the Windows Resource Kit (most any version will do nicely); I’ve though […]
    • RAPTOR Example Plugin - RAPTOR is a flowchart interpreter originally designed at the Air Force Academy, the runtime library that comes with RAPTOR is fairly week, and if you’re serious about using it to teach computer programming concepts, or using it for any type of proof of concept, you’ll definitely want to consider enhancing it. Attached is a Microsoft […]
    • RAPTOR Loop Logic - RAPTOR is a flowchart interpreter, or flowchart-based programming environment by Terry Wilson, Martin C Carlisle, Jeff Humphries, and Jason Moore from the United States Air Force Academy (used there, the United States Military Academy, and a number of other educational institutions to teach an introductory course to computer programming concepts). How good or bad the […]
    • Google Mail IAF Creator - One of the big problems of using Outlook Express, Windows Mail, or Windows Live mail with Google Mail (or Google hosted Mail) is that the IMAP folder presentation for special folders isn’t what you probably want (or are accustom to). It’s a straight forward fix to just save an IAF for the account and edit […]
  • my education page if you want to get a better understanding of me academically (a thumbnail of my curriculum vitae).
  • my patents, copyrights, and publications page for a few of my noteworthy achievements.
  • my contact page if you need to get in touch with me…You can send me a message about anything that’s on your mind. I love to stay in touch with all the people I know, and I’m always interested in meeting new people from around the world.
  • my employment page if you would like to present a business or career opportunity to me…Foremost I consider myself someone who gets things done right, and I’m always ready to consider an interesting and challenging opportunity.

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