Pro Microsoft

Many people who don’t know me very well always assume I’m a fan of Microsoft because I used to work there… interestingly enough they don’t think of me as a fan of Oracle, Novell, or AT&T (even though the same logic would apply).  [It’s true that I would never work for a company that I didn’t “like” but that doesn’t mean working for a company makes me blind.]

People who know me know I’m not a fan of much of anything for superficial reasons… in general I like what I like based on concrete reasons — and just because I felt something was good yesterday, doesn’t mean I’ll feel it good tomorrow.

As I’ve said many times; choose the right tool for the job, and don’t get wrapped up in some emotional attachment to a company (that goes doubly for you Apple bigots out there).

There used to be a joke that “no one ever got fired for choosing IBM” — I think to some extent people consider Microsoft a safe choice in a small to medium size company; maybe, but you only have your job as long as your company is in business.

Originally posted 2010-03-25 02:00:30.