Microsoft Security Essentials

Almost six months ago I wrote a BLOG post that was largely indifferent to Microsoft Security Essentials.  In that time I’ve begun to use Microsoft Security Essentials on more and more machines.

I migrated my Windows XP Professional virtual machines running under VirtualBox and Hyper-V  to Microsoft Security Essentials because I noted it seemed to take less CPU than Avast.

Since I was running both Avast and Microsoft Security Essentials I could test to see if each of them found the same malware, and I didn’t see any differences (don’t take this as a comprehensive comparison — I only see maybe a half dozen pieces of malware in a year).

When I installed Windows 7 I felt Microsoft Security Essentials was the “natural” choice.

I really grow tired of Avast expiring it’s free license key every years (come on, there’s nothing to be gained by it — and it’s a major annoyance when you have a library of virtual machines that you only use occasionally).

The only thing I really wish Microsoft would do is allow it to be run on Server (at least on Windows Server 2003)… and they could simply say it’s free only for non-commercial use and I’d be fine with that; or just make their money by charging for their monitoring service, not the core anti-malware.

Microsoft Security Essentials

Originally posted 2010-03-23 02:00:10.