Let Me…

This post is somewhere between an informative post about what many small business owners really need to establish a presence on the web, and a blatant solicitation for business…

Over the past year I’ve stumbled onto a number of individuals here running a small business that have been taken to the cleaners by web-lingo-savvy people purporting to be “web developers”.

Let me start off by saying that most small business don’t need an incredibly complex or large web site; they essentially just need a presence on the web that serves to drive new customers to their brick-and-mortar store or helps prospective customers locate the services they need.

A small web site allows for a business to showcase what they can do for a customer, where they are, and how to get in touch with them… you don’t need a full listing of your products — just enough to indicate to a prospective customer that you might be who they’re looking for.

And a web site like that doesn’t cost much to put together, and certainly doesn’t cost much to operate.

You start small, and grow… that way you invest in areas that have a proven return.

Provided you have collateral materials (pictures, logos, copy, etc — things you would have used in a print ad in the past) it’s very likely that you can put together a standards based web site with the help of a professional (like me) for a very modest amount of money.  It of course varies a little based on exactly what it is you’re trying to achieve and how much work is involved in preparing the material or in implementing your specific wants… but you should realistically be able to have a web site, email, a custom domain, and search engine indexing without breaking the bank.

If you’re finding that people are trying to convince you to pay what you consider a great deal — make sure you’re getting substantially more from them — and make sure you need more.

Over the next few months I’m going to work on setting up a site that will cater to people who want an inexpensive solution for a web presence — and while it’s definitely easier to work with people who are located geographically near me, I’ll be happy to try and work with people anywhere.

Let me just list a few reasons why you will want to consider having a web site:

  • it allows your previous and existing customers to find and stay in touch with you (at virtually no cost to you — and it allows them to view information from you when they want to, rather than having it lost amongst all the other junk mail they receive);
  • it allows you to produce full color, high-impact advertisements featuring pictures and text that would be expensive to print and distribute for near nothing;
  • it allows you to promote you site by allowing interested parties to find you through internet searches;
  • it greatly reduces the need for print advertising since you’ll be able to list your web site URL on any print ad (and your business cards) and let people access far more information than you probably would have wanted to pay for space to print;
  • it allows non-invasive means for individuals to contact you, submit information, and get replies — you don’t have to invest in an answering service, or drop everything you’re doing to take a call — electronic messaging fits your schedule and the schedule of your customers; and
  • it helps you create a professional image; and assure your customers that you’re here to stay.

My web design business will be based at ddress.net; and my slogan will be

Your @ddress on the net!

I’ll try and make it simple for people to understand the costs involved and help them achieve a low cost, potentially high return means of non-invasive and sustainable advertising that may provide a means of growing their business.

So let me develop a web site for you; register a domain name for you; host a web site for you; setup email for you; and have the major search engines index your site… at a very affordable price, with no lengthy commitments — simply and honestly.


Originally posted 2010-12-15 02:00:13.