Good-Bye CVS…

I’ve been using the Concurrent Version System (CVS) for almost a decade, running mostly on a Windows server machine (the March-Hare CVSNT Open Source build); but a few months ago I made the switch to Subversion (the VisualSVN Open Source build).


Well it wasn’t because CVS wasn’t working (well — there were a few nasties in a couple recent builds of the client; but that wasn’t it)… it was because CVS and TortoiseCVS simply weren’t taking Vista (and particularly Vista64) seriously and I didn’t want to be limited by my source control.

The transition from CVS to SVN was painless, and the server works great (and the GUI administration tool from VisualSVN is really why I picked them — I don’t want to be a full time source control administrator; for professional use the CollabNet Windows SVN Server might be a better choice); and of course TortoiseSVN clients (they have both 32 and 64 bit versions, that work fine with Vista as well as Server 2003 x64 & x32 plus XP).

The SVN model is a little different from CVS… and of course SVN is designed from the ground up to work over the internet (it’s hosted as a module for Apache).

If you’re in the middle of selecting a “free” source control solution; I’d say you only have one real choice in this day and age… you simply need to decide the platform you’re going to run your server on, and which build you want to use of Subversion.

Originally posted 2008-07-16 16:48:46.