Eye Glasses/Sun Glasses Cleaner

OK — so you can go buy a little spray bottle of cleaner for your glasses at most any optical shop — some will give you lifetime refills (yeah — kinda a hassle to stop by most optical shops), and the initial purchase price is a little high… or you can just mix your own as needed.

You get one of those little spray bottles (probably have one at the dollar store — or you can start out by buying a bottle of the solutions when you get your glasses).

Then you just buy (or you might already have it in your house) Isopropyl alcohol and distilled water — Walgreens puts both on sale fairly often for a very low price.

If you use 70% Isopropyl alcohol, then just mix 1 to 1 (equal parts) of water and alcohol.

If you use 90% Isopropyl alcohol, then you’ll want to mix 2 to 1 (twice as much water) of water and alcohol.

The nice thing about mixing this yourself is that you can also use it to clear your flat panels as well.

The only other thing you need to finish off the cleaning is a clean micro-fibre cloth (or soft cleaning cloth designed for glass).

I’d advise against using strong glass cleaners on glasses or flat panels; you can also just run tap water on the glasses to clean them (not so good for a flat panel), just remember to avoid cleaning your glasses dry.

Oh, yeah, if you really want to throw money away, you can use Zeiss lens cleaning wipes (the individually packaged ones you might have in your camera case)… those are great to carry with your camera to clean your lenses when you need to and you’re away from home (and I certainly am not carrying a bottle of liquid in my camera case)… but a total waste for glasses.

Originally posted 2011-10-02 02:00:28.