Computer Tid Bits; Windows XP Service Pack 3

The release of Windows XP Server Pack 3 is now available to download from Microsoft.  This service pack is mostly a collection of updates that have been released since service pack 2.

Depending on your settings for automatic update, Windows may already be trying to download and install this update.

I recomment you download the IT installer if you have more than one computer or if you have virtual machines using Windows XP.

You can also slip-stream an install image to contains service pack 3 (it actually takes less time to slip stream it into an install image and install from that than install from service pack 2 and update).  If you need assistance slip-streaming, checkout nLiteOS — it’s a very easy to use tool (one important note, you can only slip-stream a 64-bit OS from a 64-bit OS).

Windows XP SP3

Originally posted 2008-05-06 12:00:35.