Amazon dot com

In general I find a good place to shop.

Prices there are fair, selection is good, shipping is reasonable (often free), and with an Amazon/Chase credit card you can score a good bonus.

However (isn’t there always a catch)…

I find Amazon Market Place shopping to often be a less than satisfying experience.

I’m sure there are some vendors there that are fine, in fact I know there are; but you can buy from them direct through their own web sites.  And there are some individuals who sell on Amazon Market Place that are fine.  But you’re going to find the bad apples if you buy much there.

To Amazon’s credit they do have an A-Z guarantee when doing business with merchants through Amazon.  But even Amazon must realize that the more business you do on Amazon Market Place the more likely you are to get burned since they limit you to five lifetime refunds under their A-Z guarantee.  Yep that’s right, a person who places an order every day can get five, and a person who only places one order a decade can get five.

So if Amazon won’t really stand behind merchants in the Amazon Market Place, why do they expect you and me to buy from the… oh that’s right — I use a credit card, and I can open a charge dispute myself, I don’t need Amazon’s A-Z guarantee at all, but since I know they don’t stand behind Amazon Market Place I’m likely to take my business elsewhere.