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Compensating Politicians Adequately

My personal belief is that we vote against each and every incumbent; they have shown time and time again that they are the problem… and by far and large their only interest is in themselves and their needs.

Given, though, that people will always have faith in those that have thrown them bread crumbs to win their favor, we need to figure out other ways to encourage our politicians to fix what’s wrong.

One possible way to make our politicians more accountable for what they do (or don’t do) would be to tie their compensation to economic indicators (and not let them keep changing how those are calculated).

Let’s see — we could permanently reduce their pay by the percentage that the GNP falls; and reduce their pay by the same percentage as unemployment.

Those two would be a good start — but we’d also need to make sure that their nearly unlimited expense accounts were curbed as well… and maybe we need to find a way to make sure that the health insurance and retirement systems that they are part of is no better than that the people who put them in office are entitle to.

Let’s end the gravy train, and force our leaders to lead us, not bleed us dry.

Originally posted 2010-04-16 02:00:01.

Labor-less Day

Today is Labor Day in the US; though this year I think the name should be more aptly changed to Labor-less Day.

An ineffectual president, combined with his party of indecision, and the opposing party of no has managed to bungle the economy and stifle job creation; and now with the global economy on the skids it’s clear that American must re-invent itself if it.

Change, real change is needed.

Your elected officials are all part of the problem not part of the solution — so change can start there.

Keep in mind, since elected officials are elected by you — you to are start of the problem, so change can start with you.

We have to decide what the role of government is and re-shape it to fit that role.

Maybe government is too big, maybe it isn’t; but government has grown over the years to fill (perceived) needs.

The main issue is that government must “live” within it’s means; it has a limited budget, and must use the money obtained from fair and just taxes wisely.

When a system has as many flaws as the one in place now, it’s easy to criticize, but it seems very hard to come up with ways to improve it.

When a politician points out a flaw, the first question should be “how would you change it”, and I suspect most will not have a tenable solution for the ills, they only want to criticize and capitalize on the flaws, not contribute positively to any substantial change.

Personally the only idea I have to move forward is to clear the dead weight out — and I’ve said it now for several years “NO INCUMBENTS” — change starts with clearing out those who have brought us to were we are through their self-serving decisions.

Change starts with you!  Go to the ballot box and make your wants known.  Don’t just send a message — send the incumbents home.