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2013 Flu Shot

This Flu-Shot coupon made the cost of a flu shot at Target only $5.00, plus it counts towards pharmacy rewards.  So if you’re like me and your insurance no longer pays for flu shots this is a great way to make it affordable.

 The coupon can be used at other pharmacies, and their prices may be higher or lower — you can check on that, but $5.00 was low enough I didn’t care to wait.

Remember, the sooner you get your flu shot the sooner it takes effect.


2013 Flu Shot Discount Coupon (pdf)


Today in 1980 the Ethernet specifications were published by Xerox working with Intel and Digital Equipment Corporation (DIX) and the foundation of affordable networking was born.

That work is based on a wireless networking project at the University of Hawaii (ALOHAnet) lead by a brilliant visionary, Norman Abramson, who I also call a friend.

Norman Abramson

Norman Abramson on Wikipedia

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Autumnal Equinox 2013

September 22 2013 20:44 GMT


Several years ago when I had a Motorola KRZR I went on the hunt for synchronization software for my phone and PC.  I had gotten a copy of Motorola Phone Tools with one of the two phones (I purchased them off Craigslist).

And I actually tried SyncCell with my HTC TouchPro; it worked fine, but it didn’t copy images in contacts.

BIDCOM Technologies offers a free trial version of SyncCell, and if you have a cell phone that you can’t get to synchronize with your Windows PC, it might be worth trying out — it’s very simple to setup, and very simple to use.

And the purchase price of $24.95 includes free updates and support — though, if you’re on a tight budget, remember you may be able to use software that came with Windows; and remember that most online services will incur data charges (unlikely you’re budget constrained if you have an unlimited data plan).


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