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Art – Bouguereau and the Real 19th

We’re talking about the great arts of drawing, painting and sculpture, through which it’s possible to express our shared humanity, including all of the universal, profound, complex and subtle emotions of what it means to be human: our hopes and dreams, our fears and fantasies, our jealousy, and joys, our grief, loneliness, expectation, insecurity, intrigue, compassion, and betrayal. This is what art is for, whether in theatre, in music, in literature, in poetry, or in painting. And this is precisely what the idiotic theories of modernism decided were uncreative, confining, sentimental, obsession with technique, empty story elling, and worthless. In other words, modernism didn’t attack academic art. It attacked art itself.

· Fred Ross, Bouguereau and the Real 19th Century